Goodwill Rescue Limited
Proudly and ethically
saving Pound animals

ACNC Registered Charity

ABN: 56667514570

Proudly, safely and ethically saving deathrow Pound animals Australia wide.

Since December 2022 we have saved an amazing 300+ deathrow animals.
Thanks to our foster carers, adopters, donators, pledgers and partner pounds, transporters, vets, behaviourists/trainers and followers, we can rehome animals to give them the lives they deserve.
ACNC Registered Charity
ABN: 56667514570
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Dog Food

We don’t discriminate the difficult cases; the old, the sick, the disabled or the behaviour problems.

We have taken in dogs with huge cancerous lumps, 3 legs, heartworm, behavioural issues, even flown in dogs and puppies from indigenous remote pounds in Cape York; each and every one of these deserved to live and have not only survived but thrived.

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As a not for profit charitable organisation run solely by volunteers, we can only continue to help these animals in need through your kind donations. We can’t thank you enough for helping us to help these innocents souls who are so much in need. All donations over $2 are tax deductible, please email us at if you require a receipt.

Goodwill Rescue Limited is also very proud to be a finalist in
the Australian Women's Small Business Awards 2023.

Goodwill Wine

The Age describes Goodwill Wine as “seriously good” and Gourmet Traveller Wine says it’s “quality boutique wine”. But best of all, for every bottle you buy, we receive 50% of the profits. That’s a case of awesome wine for you, and much-needed funds for us. All backed by a money-back guarantee. Find out more:

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