We cannot thank our foster carers enough, you enable us to save dogs from deathow and get them into loving, stable homes, allow them to relax and decompress, and allow us get any vetwork completed ahead of adoption (our cost).

We are always looking for new, commited foster carers throughout Australia.


We are here to support you every step of the way in your foster care journey.
We work with you to ensure we get the right animal for your home and family.
We provide lots of resources, a closed Facebook Group for peer foster carers and adopters, regular check-ins, access to behaviourists and trainers, and acces to us for anything you need.
Having been foster carers ourselves, we understand the selflessness of foster care and always include our carers as part of the adoption process to ensure we place our animals in their best forever homes – you know these beautiful animals way better than we do!
We also understand sometimes you love your foster babies so much you can’t let them go – our foster carers always have first option on any adoptions.

First Steps to Foster Care

Please complete our Foster Questionnaire and email videos and/or photos of your garden, fencing and license for ID purposes for us to undertake our due diligence as a safe and ethical Rescue to
Foster Questionnaire

Our Amazing GWR Sponsors and Partners

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