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I have committed to adopt and care for GWR LTD dog/dogs and hereby swear and attest that the following information is true and will be followed to the best of my abilities concerning the adootion and care of the GWR LTDs pets:
  • I will not physically abuse, neglect, starve or harm the dog in any way.
  • I will make sure that the dog has enough food and water to maintain a healthy weight.
  • I will make sure that the pet has adequate shelter.
  • I will ensure that the pet gets the necessary requirement of daily exercise
  • I will never allow my dog to roam.
  • I will obey all laws concerning leashes and waste removal.
  • I agree that if I have a resident dog or cat that it is my responsibility to isolate them and integrate them slowly in line with the Dog Academy materials. This will likely require a crate or baby gate.
  • I agree that the 3 days to decompress, 3 weeks to learn routine and 3 months to settle guidelines will be fully understood and according time, space and patience applied
Please send photo of Driving Licence to GWR LTD
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. We will be better able to match you to a dog with this detailed information.

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